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It is amazing how many plates, platters and dish ware we have in our storage, not to mention every other kind of accoutrement of every style, period, shape, color and texture. Even so, it often pops up that a client needs dishes made especially for their brand, or even a specific twist for a special flavor. So, what do I do? I find it way

easier to just make the plate, rather than search high and low for a needle in a haystack. Next week we begin another shoot for Chicken Salad Chick. Such a summery feel cuing flavors and seasons required some quick dish magic.

Below are my recently painted but unfired offerings. The good people at All Fired Up will sometimes be kind enough to rush my kiln time. So, today, I'm going to go and pick them up. I'll post the after photos as soon as I do.

#dishware #glazing #pottery #foodphotography #summerstyle #propsstyling #props #plates #salad

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