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 about Parlee

She has spent her lifetime in creative endeavor.  Her many years of production, painting, art direction and styling work make her someone you will be grateful to have handling the many facets of any project you might throw her way.  She creates each still life with the heart of a painter, the eye of a stylist and a calm and easy attitude that both clients and crew appreciate.  Every shoot and its pre-production are bettered by her creative mindset, tip top organization and the attention she pays to the needs of crew, agency and client. 


is a 3rd generation southern californian, who happily transplanted to Atlanta, Georgia in 1983.

studied design and photography in LA area.  But mostly, Parlee "earned while she learned": on Hollywood sets, in New York, in Atlanta – first as a floral designer, then as a freelance prop/wardrobe stylist, set-design/art director for both TV commercial productions & commercial photographers. After an 8-year stint as a full time photography instructor at Portfolio Center she managed one photo studio, then another.   Finally, gratefully, Parlee has made her way as a shooter, ultimately concentrating her eye on food.

is a self taught painter and takes commissions for her portrait work at Good Dog. Fine Art.

has two talented children: Dustin Chambers, photographer, Atlanta, and Lily Chambers, actor, NY.

prefers to have a dog in the studio when at all possible; please bring yours.

was a dancing extra in Grease, the movie.

 finds that gardening, bird feeders, scotch, citrus, jitterbug, singing in a choir, buckets of tulips, puppy breath, fall mountain roads and the cool side of the pillow make her extremely happy.

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