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•"Parlee is a creative force who continuously strives for new and clever ways to capture the essence of a brand. It's a true partnership when you work with her and the team at Studio Chambers. Together we have visually transformed and elevated two completely different brands."

                                                                    JOHANNA BISHOP, CMO LOGAN'S ROADHOUSE - NASHVILLE, TN

clients & reviews

•"Behind every great creative director is an art director. And behind them is Parlee. Just sayin'."                   TEDDY STOECKLEIN, CREATIVE DIRECTOR, THE VIA AGENCY - PORTLAND, ME

•"I'm a firm believer that in this business, you (and your work) are only as good as the people who surround you. Since my agency deals mostly with food clients, Parlee surrounds me a lot. And thank goodness for that. Her photography makes our work look really, really delicious!"    JOHN STROHMEYER, PARTNER, STROHCREATIVE, OHIO

•"Parlee Chambers and her team just get it. I can’t think of a more eloquent way to say it.  At Point b, we have worked with a number photographers and stylists but what is refreshing is to find both of these skill sets in one person. Everything seems to happen so seamlessly and effortlessly while on set. She takes our feedback in stride and tirelessly works to achieve not only our vision but also to meet her own very high standards. Lastly, the hospitality we experience while working together is unparalleled. I promise that you’ll leave Parlee Teague Productions studio a few pounds heavier and so much happier than when you arrived."               

                                                                        PATRICIA BABUKA, OWNER, POINTB ADVERTISING, ATLANTA, GA

•"We love doing photo shoots with Parlee and her team! Her talent and experience ensure that each shot is pure perfection. She has definitely elevated our food photography which translates into more sales and brand awareness. Plus her studio is so warm and inviting that it feels like you are on vacation! I highly recommend PTProductions for your photography needs."

                                                                                        LISA CHEATHAM, CMO PRETZELMAKER - ATLANTA

•"When it comes to food photography, Parlee really understands what works and what doesn’t.  She brings  a true sense of style in her propping, her tremendous eye for lighting, and her choices of sets and textures.  The bonus is that she is an absolute pleasure to work with, making the time investment very productive as well as highly enjoyable".                          DEBRA MAGER, CEO, NEW EYES AGENCY   -   ATLANTA

•"I have been shooting with Parlee for 5+ years and her work never ceases to amaze me.  Not only is her photography stunning, her ability to design sets and create props is unparalleled.  Parlee has gone above and beyond for our brand time and time again – and her keen eye for making our products look crave-able and delicious has without a doubt helped us drive sales.  Her team also provides unmatched hospitality, you truly become like family when you shoot with shoot with Parlee."                 KATE FORTUNE, CREATIVE DIRECTOR, TROPICAL SMOOTHIE CAFES,  ATLANTA, GA

•"Parlee is a true artist. Her work is beautiful and rich which is a true reflection of her investment into her projects.  She has an intuitive eye and earnest ear. As an Art Director, it is refreshing to work with a photographer that works so hard to bring your vision to life. Her entire team from production to props, make the whole process feel effortless. When you say you need a red wooden monkey and get a call from props who is in China Town hunting, you know your direction is being taken seriously. If you are looking for a true partnership in your design efforts, Parlee and her crew are wonderful to have on your team. I also must mention that working in her studio is pure joy. She treats her clients and their creatives to great hospitality."                                                          SARAH PIKE, ART DIRECTOR, STARR DESIGN, CHARLOTTE, NC

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